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Full name and legal status
Worldwide Information (Pty) Ltd (Private company with full legal status)

Physical Address and Domicilum Citandi Et Executandi
44 Piet Retief Road, Harveston, Honeydew, Gauteng Province , South Africa

Main business
Information management agency and supplier of print and electronic information subscriptions to the academic, corporate and government markets.

Website address: https://wwisacademy.com/

Official email address

Telephone Number:
+27 11 789 9947

Membership of self-regulatory or accreditation bodies: 

Governing terms of use
These Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy

Costs associated with the access to and use of our website
There are no costs associated with accessing and using the website

Dispute resolution
No specific dispute resolution process

Complaints process
Please e-mail info@wwis.co.za with any complaints or enquiries